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Handpoured in our kitchen, these gorgeous beeswax candles are poured into our original vintage French clay pots.  


These are perfect for your Home Office as they are so beneficial to your environment.  Once the candle has burned through, the vintage pot can be used to plant herbs or as a little pen pot so nothing wasted, completely sustainable and re-useable.  What is not to love.


This is the medium size measuring 10.5cm high and 10.5cm diameter at the top.  Burn time is approximately 80-100 hours so will last a long time.


Beeswax is a powerhouse of goodness

* Antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial

* Non-toxic, no chemicals, naturally aromatic

* Long burn time, smoke free, last much longer than soy candles

* Improves air quality as they emit negative ions to purify,

  cleanses and improve air quality.



Vintage French Clay Beeswax Candle Medium

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