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We have a collection  of 8 x 19th Century French Brulot cups.  These were once used in the cafes and bistros in Paris/


They are made of particularly heavy porchelain in order to withstand the hot espresso brew and the frequent use in a French cafes.  They were also used for liqueur coffee and can also take the heat of using a match to light the liqueur. 


In the base there is a deep hollow and back in the day it was standard practice that when the customer finished their coffee the would turn the cup upside down and the bartender would put a tiny tot of cognac in the dimple to see his client happily on their way.  How fab is that.


Decorative in their own right but also very usuable and I use mine for liqueur coffee for sure or for using as creme brulee cups too.


Each cups has a number in the photos and please use the drop down box to select which number you like. 



From 8cm high to the tallest at 9cm high

Vintage French Brulee Cups

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